Manila Bay Sunset

This is one of my favourite photographs. Sometimes i look at it and think, did i take that? It also makes me very nostalgic for home. Like that first rush of heat and sweat and noise you get when you step out of the airport and you know you’re finally home.

3 thoughts on “Manila Bay Sunset

  1. I just love how you did this, the colour just jumps out of the picture every time I look at it. Amazing! And I agree to the nostalgic feel of home as well. The almost never ending traffic, the flying jeepneys, and the hardships of everyday living but It’s still home and I’m proud of it.

  2. OMG Chie, this is breath taking! I love it! I must say so far this is my favourite pic, it captures so much and gives a sense of peace and beauty.
    Keep up the excellent work! Now you have to come back to Sydney and take pics of the place you once called home.

  3. Wow! that was an excellent shot of the famous manila bay sunset. You really have great talent in photography. Indeed by looking at this photo one can’t help but reminisc being home.

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