Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from Latin tribus, a division of the Roman people, tribe

1 a: a social group comprising numerous families, clans, or generations together with slaves, dependents, or adopted strangers b: a political division of the Roman people originally representing one of the three original tribes of ancient Rome c: phyle
2: a group of persons having a common character, occupation, or interest

source: Merriam-Webster

An extended family is a tribe within itself. Coming from a huge extended family spanning the four corners, I am very much aware of the intricacies of these relationships and how interdependent they can become. No matter the internal disputes or alliances, your tribe stands with you. I was very honoured to have been asked to capture the Gallagher “tribe” on the occasion of Duck’s 70th birthday celebrations. And so close to Christmas, it made me yearn to be amongst my own. And trust me, Christmas dinner at home can only be described as tribal! So forgive me for being maudlin but I present, the Gallaghers. It is a testament to Donal and Joan that every last member of their family were there to celebrate with them (well, almost all ;))

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