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Happy New Year! Even if it’s so late I should be saying Kung Hei Fat Choy instead! ­čÖé We’ve been busy little bees since my last post an eon ago so I’ll be updating like mad in the next few days.

As a PS, my photo hosting site, flickr, changed their settings some time last year and it’s making my brain explode trying to figure out how to insert an image. If anyone wants to take pity and explain it to me, i’m all ears! ­čÖé

Happy Binary Day! 101010

I only have about 10 minutes til 101010 is over, but considering I started this blog on 080808, I thought it would be auspicious to mark the day. Sunday is pancake day in our house and I wouldn’t have had any photos today at all except Gabriella was showing off her Sunday Special Sprinkles Pancake. ­čÖé Max just thinks all the fuss is hilar!


Edit: OH NO! I can’t believe I forgot to hit publish! hahaha! Oh well.

Hello, Mr Man. A sneak peek.

Presenting…. Mr Man.

10 days old and still no name. He is the reason I’ve been so busy, but also so ecstatic at the same time. We are so grateful for all the well wishes, cards and presents we have received and also for the support during our extended stay in hospital. So, a sneak peek for you while I enjoy my little man.

Sneak Peek! Miss Aoife

I met the very lovely Ms Aoife this morning with her mum (dad made a quick appearance) at their home and what a little charmer she was! Such a sweetheart, she was very patient with me and even gave us a smile or two. Am i getting broody or what? ­čÖé

As promised, here are a few photos for mum and dad.

Thank you for having me over, it is always a great privilege to share in welcoming a new baby.

Hanging with the Hendersons

I spent an evening with this lovely family the other day, and here is the promised sneak peek,

First off, a very special member of the family, Winnie! Who can resist those eyes?! ­čÖé

Then, in order of appearance…

Now, admittedly, on first glance, you wouldn’t automatically guess they were siblings, but if you spend any time with them at all, it is really very noticeable!

And for the stars of the evening,

Happy Anniversary, folks!

Thank you for inviting me into your home and for letting me share this time with your family!

Snow Day!

We were greeted with a blanket of white this morning which came as a bit of a shock as we thought we were very definitely moving into spring. Methinks we spoke too soon.

I love snow days, they are so beautiful if you discount the fact that the Irish in general aren’t very well prepared for snow because we don’t often get it. In fact, several local schools were closed today because the school buses weren’t running.

I especially enjoyed it though because I didn’t have to drive. Snow+me driving=disaster. ­čÖé I would have liked to capture more snow scenes but real life got in the way. Next time.

Stay warm everyone!

PARTY!!! The Pix.ie way!

Coming home after a hard day’s fun.

Now, it’s a bit too early so i don’t have any St Patrick’s Day themed photos but I came across this today. The good people at Pix.ie are holding an awesome competition called the Pix.ie Party.

They say:
For the St Patrick’s Festival parade on March 17th, we’ve managed to get you something special too and weÔÇÖre calling it the St Patrick’s Festival Pixie Party:

20 bloggers and photobloggers will be invited to watch the St Patrick’s Festival parade from a vetted viewing area. Each will be given an official wristband to gain access to this exclusive VIP area.
4 bloggers and photobloggers will be invited to watch the parade from the Festival Grandstand.
2 photobloggers will be invited to join the world media and take photos of the parade from the elevated position from the official open topped Media Bus which is positioned on the parade route.
2 Pixie users will chosen (subject to a security check) and given a Golden Pass which provides exclusive access to the parade route on the day. Only 12 Golden Passes will be issued this year to the international media and this is the first time photographers outside of the national and international media have been invited on into the parade route. This is HUGE.

This is definitely huge and would be an excellent opportunity for anybody! Spread the word!

Hey Lil’ Ray

Lil’ Ray, who is not so little anymore is one of the many cousins Gabriella finally met while we were away. What a heartbreaker, hey?

So I’m back! I am still “recovering” from the worst ever jet lag so forgive me if I’m a little bit incoherent. We had a wonderful time and I have quite a bit to sort out and edit so this is a small start. I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things but it might take me a few days. To everyone who’s been in touch while I was away, thanks for your patience and I’ll be in touch soon. Apologies for those still waiting for proofs, the elves and I are working round the clock!

Season’s Greetings!

All my very best wishes to everyone for the holidays, whatever it is you might celebrate! I’ve so enjoyed everyone’s comments since I’ve started my blog and it’s been a great start for me so thank you so much to all my new and regular visitors. I don’t know if this is my last post of the year as I might update during the lull between Christmas lunch and Christmas dinner while we’re trying to digest all that turkey, just to start all over again. I wish you all your heart’s desires and may 2009 be a better and brighter year for all!

*BG papers by Shabby Princess

A massive thank you!

With Mr Michael McLoone

Mr Michael McLoone, Manager, Donegal County Council with myself and Emer

I don’t remember a word I said but I know I forgot to thank half the people that I should have!

Me and my castle girls, we missed Caroline who only flew in from New York that morning.

Great turnout from the Donegal Town ladies

Hobnobbing with local officials ­čÖé

Well, it’s almost two in the morning and I am winding down from the high of the exhibition. There was an amazing turnout, over a hundred people came to support us and it was just so overwhelming. I want to thank everyone who made the effort to come in such poor weather and also for all the help and positive responses I received. I met old friends and made new ones too. It was a fantastic night and I’m so glad so many people enjoyed it and all the hardwork we put into it. Again, thank you all for your support and well wishes! Now, we have to go and raise the bar that wee bit higher.

All photographs by Roy Irwin, my FIL who kindly took photos during the event.

What’s up, pussycat?

So, continuing on from my last posts’ feline theme, i present, Gabriella kittycat. As you can see, it’s a dry run of her halloween costume. I normally make them but this was a present from my SIL. Needless to say, she loved it and I couldn’t get a great picture because she was so excited showing it off!