A morning with the Mahons


This is Julie. See Julie’s lovely hair. See Julie SHAVE her hair off for The Irish Cancer Society with TodayFM’s Shave or Dye. No mere dye job for this lovely, she’s going whole hog! She is then donating her hair to a charity that makes wigs for children that need them. Support her here.

I met Julie and her lovely family on Bundoran beach on a typically wet and misty Irish morning. But the wellies were out and there was lots to explore so off they went!





It was also their 7th wedding anniversary. Bonus!



Funny Faces!

Thank you for letting me share in your morning.
_DSC6424 copy

Watch this space to see Julie take the clippers to her hair! ­čÖé

Happy Birthday Blog!

I can’t believe my blog is two years old today! ­čÖé

There have been so many changes since 08/08/08 but I’m still here! I hope you are too.

Seeing as I launched with my little princess, here is our latest addition in all his baby drool glory.

Thanks for visiting, world!

Woods’ Sneak Peek!

A quick sneak peek of the Woods’ Family Portraits I took over the weekend. I love family portraits, especially because my own is so far away. They were celebrating T&M’s 40th wedding anniversary and I was really priveledged to come along to capture them all together. The siblings came from Dublin, Belfast and as far as New Zealand to bring the family together. Thank you for letting me share your special day!

Hanging with the Hendersons

I spent an evening with this lovely family the other day, and here is the promised sneak peek,

First off, a very special member of the family, Winnie! Who can resist those eyes?! ­čÖé

Then, in order of appearance…

Now, admittedly, on first glance, you wouldn’t automatically guess they were siblings, but if you spend any time with them at all, it is really very noticeable!

And for the stars of the evening,

Happy Anniversary, folks!

Thank you for inviting me into your home and for letting me share this time with your family!

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby….

As promised, here is a sneak peek for the Couzen’s family. The session was an anniversary gift for Sam and Paul’s parents’ RUBY anniversary! Bernie and Kate were such a lovely couple and I was asking them what their secrets were, I mean 40 years! How awesome is that? I had a great time and I hope they did too. Thank you for letting me share such a special event with your family.

Now, I am still sorting and editing photos from the session and unfortunately, I am having MEGA issues with my internet. I can’t upload anything without big dramas so I can’t put up as many photos as I’d like. But I will persevere. Check back again soon!


Five years!

All photographs in this post are ┬ęLito Genilo, Smart Shot Studio

My favourite photo of the two of us.

The large sprays of orchids was the florists idea of “simple”. Look fantastic though, doesn’t it?

The irish contingent that came out to party with us.

Yes, this is my bridal party. All of them. Not big by Filipino standards, honest, I’ve seen bigger!

It’s hard to believe that 5 years, to this very day, has passed since we said “I do”. So much has changed (arjay’s hair, we have a 2 year old, i love my husband more), yet so much still the same as well (my hair, the extra 5, 10, 20 pounds i have yet to shift, still in ireland). ­čÖé

Anyway, here’s to the next fifty!