Just a quick update, I hope to do some over the next few days but it has been absolutely hectic here! I tell myself it’s a good thing though.

This is an update on my last post with Julie in her Shave or Dye quest. The big day came and though *I* wasn’t sure she was going to do it, Julie turned what would be a traumatic experience for people who don’t have the choice, into a celebration. To celebrate the fact that we did have that choice and to celebrate and honour those that don’t.

Well done!

You can see more here!






A massive thank you!

With Mr Michael McLoone

Mr Michael McLoone, Manager, Donegal County Council with myself and Emer

I don’t remember a word I said but I know I forgot to thank half the people that I should have!

Me and my castle girls, we missed Caroline who only flew in from New York that morning.

Great turnout from the Donegal Town ladies

Hobnobbing with local officials ­čÖé

Well, it’s almost two in the morning and I am winding down from the high of the exhibition. There was an amazing turnout, over a hundred people came to support us and it was just so overwhelming. I want to thank everyone who made the effort to come in such poor weather and also for all the help and positive responses I received. I met old friends and made new ones too. It was a fantastic night and I’m so glad so many people enjoyed it and all the hardwork we put into it. Again, thank you all for your support and well wishes! Now, we have to go and raise the bar that wee bit higher.

All photographs by Roy Irwin, my FIL who kindly took photos during the event.

It’s official!

Ready or not, here I come. The details of the upcoming exhibition are up at the
Helen Allingham Gallery, Abbey Centre. I am nervous yet excited. Again, I want to thank everyone who has helped me with this exhibition and I hope I don’t get laughed out of the place!

This rainbow is an outtake from my choices. But I love the colour and the fuzziness anyway.

I hope to see you there. The exhibition will run from November 8 to 22, 2008 and we will have an evening drinks reception to launch it on Saturday, November 8 at 7:30 pm. The county manager, Mr Michael Mc Loone will be opening our exhibition.

I am also donating part of my proceeds from any sales to the Irish Kidney Association for all the support they’ve given us over the years.

*Logo used with permission from the IKA