Merry Happy!

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Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and a 2013 full of joy!

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Happy 12/12/12!


It’s become a bit of a tradition here to post on repeating dates since I started the blog on 08/08/08! And i’ve tried to make sure I update every year since so hence this update even though it’s been quiet here for far too long! I was hoping to do a monster post or best of 2012 but between getting Christmas orders ready and battling this “dose”, I am about done out. There’s still time before the end of the year but in the meantime, I will leave you with this ad that appeared in the local papers today. Don’t forget, gift vouchers are available for all your special occasions through out the year. ­čÖé

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I know it’s probably not cool, but I am so super excited and honoured to have my work featured on! My first submission and feature, natch!

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Summertime shoots are in full swing and my next shoot involves sprinkles and glitter among other things so check back soon.

Just can’t resist!

Okay, I was preparing Megan and Sean’s photos and I absolutely could not resist posting a few more. ­čÖé
I LOVE my job ­čÖé





And I will finish with this!

A morning with the Mahons


This is Julie. See Julie’s lovely hair. See Julie SHAVE her hair off for The Irish Cancer Society with TodayFM’s Shave or Dye. No mere dye job for this lovely, she’s going whole hog! She is then donating her hair to a charity that makes wigs for children that need them. Support her here.

I met Julie and her lovely family on Bundoran beach on a typically wet and misty Irish morning. But the wellies were out and there was lots to explore so off they went!





It was also their 7th wedding anniversary. Bonus!



Funny Faces!

Thank you for letting me share in your morning.
_DSC6424 copy

Watch this space to see Julie take the clippers to her hair! ­čÖé


On 12/12/12, this blog will be four years old! And what a bad blogger am I! While all around me, blogs about every imaginable thing, I have been neglecting mine.:( I’m not one for resolutions but I will *try* to update more often. You can catch more recent updates on my facebook page!

I shall leave you with a few photos from today’s shoot. A little bit different, but I am all for expanding my repertoire. ­čÖé





Jess <3 Conor

A few photos from Jess and Conor’s big day. Not for the faint of broadband connection! ­čśë Enjoy. Comment if you want me to send you the full link.

This photo was taken during the rehearsal the night before, was praying I’d get one as good on the day itself!

*Sigh* for holiday weddings

Goodies for the girls

Bride with her mum

The “other” important dress of the day

Kisses for the flower girl


The boys, well, some of them.



The bride with her boys

Til next post, bye!

Dreaming of Summer

The weather has turned really nasty in our part of the world so in memory of warmer less cold days, here is a photo of the Silver Strand. Taken last May, this is one of Ireland’s most beautiful beaches. I’ve been here eight and a half years and I have to say that Ireland has some of the most beautiful coastline. Just a shame my blood is far too thin to enjoy them! Maybe I should join the traditional Christmas Day swim at Rossnowlagh?

Uh, no, i didn’t think so either. ­čÖé

Think warm thoughts for me…

Making Memories

Yesterday was a work free day and it was all about making memories with my daughter. We spent the afternoon together and it was such a fabulous day. We headed out to the Holmes Beach for an hour and it was just perfect. I processed the photo to make it look a little bit older/timeless and I felt the title was very apt. I imagine her looking at this photo years from now or showing it to her own daughter and thinking of that perfect afternoon we spent together.


With all the editing from Dearbhail’s shoot, it made me a little bit broody at the fact that my baby isn’t a baby anymore. I can’t believe she was so small and dependent not so long ago. While we’re lucky enough (knock on wood) not to be going through the terrible twos, she’s really become a lot more independent and vocal about what gia wants and what she doesn’t!