The Final Countdown

Okay guys. The exhibition is tomorrow! Our work went up last night at the Abbey Centre . Now, it’s quite a small space and it’s a bit crowded for 24 framed photographs to share space on the walls but we’ll see how it goes down tomorrow!

I’ll leave you with this lovely jump flying shot of Orla cos i’d like everyone to send me some good wishes on angel and fairy wings that it all goes well. One thing’s for sure, my MIL bought enough wine to float an ark so if you’re coming down to support us, make sure you have a designated driver!

See you tomorrow.


We’re away on holidays tomorrow! YAY! We’re off to sunny Cork (i wish) and I feel like we’re leaving for the edge of never. I don’t think there’s wifi where we’re staying so I will be hanging til we get home. So here’s my little fairy to leave you with til I return!

Miss me!