Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

I’ve never found the right time or platform to speak about this. I am a photographer and people count on me to capture happy memories to pass on to future generations. But the truth is, people count on me to capture their sadness and grief as well in order to give hope, to help them grieve and for any number of reasons.

I am one of 15 Irish photographers with Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep. We are volunteers who provide infant remembrance photography for babies who are stillborn or are only on this earth for a few moments but leave a lasting impression in the lives they touch.

Pregnancy is a blessing for most and a time of profound joy, but the harsh reality is that the story doesn’t end well for everybody. We hope to offer families a lasting and tangible reminder of their babies to treasure forever. This service is free and totally voluntary.

Raising awareness is hard as its not a subject anyone wants to speak of. If some of my clients or future clients find this a bit morbid or I lose jobs in case people will think I would jinx them, then so be it. But if raising awareness and offering hope to even one family comes of this, then I will be greatly honoured.

You can find more information on

Go to search for photographer by country and you will find any number of us who freely give our time and talents to help families in such a small way.