Happy Belated Easter or appropriate chocolate eating holiday…

My princess.

I have been very naughty for neglecting my blog of late. Life seems to get in the way of things sometimes, right? ­čÖé Easter passed before I noticed and only have the chocolate stains to show for it. Whatever you celebrate, I hope you avoided the chocolate coma. Happy belated Easter!

Spring has Sprung!

Okay, so i’m a month late with the first day of Spring ( traditionally the 1st of February in Ireland, though the weather hasn’t caught up to that concept yet) but we had wonderful blue skies today and daffodils are making their appearance in roadsides all over the place.

The last two weekends have been work free so plenty of opportunity to get out with the family and make our own memories! We spent a lovely afternoon in Murvagh last week, which was only marred by the copious amounts of rubbish people left in the woods. I enjoy a party as much as the next person but the blatant disregard by some people of these beautiful resources saddens me. ­čśŽ

So, public message aside, here are some family snaps from the last two weekends. My internet connection is still driving me batty so I haven’t been able to upload as much as i’d like to.

Still waiting for the blue skies.

Playing in the dunes.

A tire swing in the woods! Yay!

Today, we spent the afternoon at the Holmes’. It is still very cold but it was wonderful and brisk. And we got the blue skies we were waiting for!

No rain today, pussycat!

Blue all the way.

Thanks for stopping by!

Birthday Post!

how can i resist that grin?

Just a quick post to mark my birthday! Yay for me! ­čÖé I hope everyone has a had a wonderful Christmas break, i’m sure you’ve all had your turkey quota for the year. I’m busy busy busy with all the family, my mom is here for Christmas which is fantastic and also with editing a few different things which I promise will be up in the next few days. There are a couple of sneak peeks coming up so keep checking in. We had a lovely relaxing day yesterday visiting friends and a new baby and of course I couldn’t resist, so i’ve left you with a few!

And a great big heart felt thanks for all the lovely birthday greetings from across the globe! ­čÖé

Season’s Greetings!

All my very best wishes to everyone for the holidays, whatever it is you might celebrate! I’ve so enjoyed everyone’s comments since I’ve started my blog and it’s been a great start for me so thank you so much to all my new and regular visitors. I don’t know if this is my last post of the year as I might update during the lull between Christmas lunch and Christmas dinner while we’re trying to digest all that turkey, just to start all over again. I wish you all your heart’s desires and may 2009 be a better and brighter year for all!

*BG papers by Shabby Princess

Making Memories

Yesterday was a work free day and it was all about making memories with my daughter. We spent the afternoon together and it was such a fabulous day. We headed out to the Holmes Beach for an hour and it was just perfect. I processed the photo to make it look a little bit older/timeless and I felt the title was very apt. I imagine her looking at this photo years from now or showing it to her own daughter and thinking of that perfect afternoon we spent together.