Sneak Peek! A morning with the girls… and daddy too!

Sorry, daddy! I couldn’t resist. He was truly outnumbered with his very lovely wife and 3 adorable girls.

Phew, what a day! Back to back sessions today and I am asleep on my feet but I couldn’t resist sharing a few from this morning’s session. The session was a “new baby” gift from a very generous auntie and uncle and though I got lost on the way there (my fault for not listening to directions) I knew I was in the right house as soon as I saw daddy because he was the spitting image of his brother! I’m sure they’re tired of hearing that too.

(shameless plug) Gift sessions are super awesome and with Christmas coming around the corner, you know where I am! (end of shameless plug)

So, without further ado…

Sisters rock!

The new addition.

La famiglia

Giggles with the girls

One of my faves from the day. Not only is the baby’s sleepy smile sooooo sweet, but I love how the older girls are holding hands. Sweetness!

Thanks you so much for having me over today and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Another sneak peek tomorrow so visit again soon. ­čÖé

My Little Mermaid

So, I’m not committing to NaBloPoMo this month, cos no sooner will I say I will do it, then i won’t. ­čśë However, this must be a three day record for me!

I just couldn’t resist. I don’t know who was more excited over the new little mermaid costume. Me or the mermaid!

Final Cut

This is the final poster chosen by Paper Lantern Productions to promote their upcoming play. It will be shown in different venues such as the Balor Theatre in Ballybofey and the Playhouse in Derry. The white space at the bottom of the poster is so they can write in the venue and box office number as they are only doing a small run.

How excited am I? I can’t wait to see the poster in print!